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Surprising Energy Saving Tips

Surprising Energy Saving Tips
August 2, 2016 Valerie Griffiths


We’re all familiar with more common energy saving tips, such as turning off the light when you leave an empty room. Habits like this become second nature, and that’s a great thing. But what about energy saving methods you never considered before? How many of these are you doing?

  • Fill your fridge. Yes, really! Consider this: It takes energy to fill the empty space in your fridge and freezer. The more empty space there is, the more energy is needed. The items in your fridge actually act as cold energy storage.
  • Fill your ice tray. Your fridge is up to 20% more energy efficient when you stop using the automatic ice dispenser. Sounds worth it to us!
  • Rearrange your lamps. When placed in the corner of a room, a floor lamp reflects light off of the surrounding walls. Choose a lower wattage bulb, save energy, and enjoy a room that looks just as bright.
  • Play a matching game. In the kitchen, that is. Try to match the size of the pot or pan you’re using to the correct burner size on the stovetop. That way, you’ll only be using the heat (and energy) you really need.
  • Put a lid on it. Your chimney is drafty, and can allow a significant amount of energy to literally float away. Keep your chimney capped and remove the cap when you’re actually lighting a fire.
  • Bundle up. Put a cozy blanket on your attic floor, in the form of insulation. This helps you from losing nearly a quarter of your heat through an un-insulated roof.
  • Recycle. It’s not what you think, although we’re fans of recycling in any form. What we mean is this: Use the same water glass throughout the day instead of tossing several in the dishwasher. You’ll cut down on the amount of loads you run and energy you use.
  • Get out more. Don’t feel like cooling (or heating) your entire living space when temperatures are at their worst? Go to your local library, or the mall, or just about any indoor public space. It’s a great way to get out and get things accomplished while conserving your own energy at home.

Give these quick and easy tips a try and enjoy the potential savings on your energy bill. Now, doesn’t that feel good?