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Power Outage in Just One Room

Power Outage in Just One Room
April 28, 2015 Valerie Griffiths

It’s a frustrating discovery to find the power is out in just one room of the house. A power outage is to blame when all of the lights go out at the same time. But what’s going on in this case? Here are the three most common scenarios and how to handle them:

Scenario #1: You overloaded the electrical circuit. Your system detected an excessive electrical current, and broke the connection to prevent electrical fire.

Solution: Go to your fuse box or circuit breaker and look for a blown fuse or tripped circuit to reset. Flip the switch and problem: solved.

Tip: It’s important to have a licensed electrician ensure your home is set up to handle the amount of electricity your family requires. With ever-increasing electronics and appliances we can’t assume our homes will continue to bear the load. Your electrician will bring your home up to speed to avoid future outages and safety hazards.

Scenario #2: You checked out the circuit breaker and everything looks fine. But the power is still out! Your GFCI outlet may be causing the outage. GFCI outlets automatically trip when they sense an electrical imbalance. They can trip in one area of the home, and affect the power in another.

Solution: Check the GFCI outlets throughout the house. Press the “Test” button and listen for a click – if it doesn’t happen, the outlet has tripped. Press the “Reset” button, which should restore the power to this outlet, and other areas of the home without power.

Tip: Call your licensed electrician if the outlet continues to trip or fails to reset. There could be a larger, more serious electrical problem at play.

Scenario #3: You can’t find the culprit.

Solution: Don’t worry – your electrician will be able to pinpoint the problem. Faulty wiring may be to blame, and that’s something only a professional should handle.

Trust these troubleshooting tips and contact a qualified professional. No matter the cause of your single-room power outage, rest assured that you will be up and running again.


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