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5 Home Projects You Can Finish During Your Staycation

5 Home Projects You Can Finish During Your Staycation
August 3, 2016 Valerie Griffiths

Do you ever return from a vacation feeling like your to-do list is longer and more daunting than ever? It’s a buzz kill to say the least.

If you plan on taking some time off and staying at home, think about scheduling a manageable home project into your staycation plans. Crossing something off your list will give you a boost and a sense of accomplishment, too.

Here are some of the most do-able projects you can complete during a staycation:

Backyard lighting: Not only does backyard lighting greatly enhance curb appeal, but it adds to the overall safety of your property. There are many ways to incorporate landscape lighting, and they don’t have to break the bank. Wrap this up early-on in your staycation and you have yourself an improved outdoor space to enjoy for the rest of your time off.

Hallway lighting: Navigating around your home after sunset shouldn’t have to be tricky. If your home has dark spaces you’d like to make more functional, consider motion sensor lighting or other indoor lighting solutions, which are simple for your licensed electrician to install.

Have your generator serviced. We recommend doing this once per year, so why not knock it off your list during your staycation? Leave it to a professional and you won’t have to think twice about it.

Install carbon monoxide detectors. This seems to be on everyone’s list of priorities lately, as well it should. It’s a simple measure that offers significant peace of mind.

Have those flickering lights taken care of. If your lights dim or flicker, it’s enough to drive you crazy. But more than that, it can indicate a dangerous electrical problem. Have your licensed electrician come check things out, and make any necessary updates.

Picture the feeling of satisfaction when you tackle something you’ve been meaning to get to, and it doesn’t take much time or money. Aaaah. Now go, enjoy the rest of that vacation while there’s still plenty left!