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When to Call-in a Licensed Electrician on Your Home Building Project

When to Call-in a Licensed Electrician on Your Home Building Project
November 20, 2013 Valerie Griffiths

Lights, heating, cooling, refrigeration, technology – these are just a few examples of the importance of electricity in any home or building, and in our daily lives. And it should be central to the building process as well! Whether you’re working on a home addition, remodel or brand new construction, it’s crucial to involve a licensed electrician from the get go.

It’s best to work with an electrician once the house is framed and before the drywall goes up. A professional can ensure everything has been done properly and meets building code. Making any changes to the system after the walls are closed up will be far more difficult and expensive to implement.

So, where will the lights go, and what type of lighting is best? What is the most practical spot for switches, and how many outlets are needed? How much power is the area going to require? An electrician is equipped to answer these questions and more, and provide quality recommendations of their own.

It’s important to plan ahead and map things out correctly. You can be confident that wiring that is installed by a licensed electrician is up to code. This greatly reduces the risk of fire, shock and other electrical dangers in the home. As the electrician makes sure there’s enough power and safe wiring, the contractor can oversee the construction, manage subcontractors, provide materials and handle the myriad of project needs.

With so many moving parts in any building process, and because of the importance of electricity in the home, it is best to work with a licensed electrician early on. This ensures the project is a smooth and safe one for all involved!