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No Electrical Outlets? No Problem.

No Electrical Outlets? No Problem.
March 4, 2015 Valerie Griffiths

It’s an all-too-common scenario, particularly in older homes that are common to this area: You search for an electrical outlet only to discover there’s one in the room, and it’s already taken. Sigh. Where are you supposed to plug in your tablet, and why didn’t anyone foresee this problem?

Consider this…many of the homes in the Newport County area were constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries. Electricity was just starting to be discovered and understood. Even homes constructed in later eras weren’t set up for the technology of today. Rooms with one electrical outlet were intended to have a small lamp…and that’s pretty much it!

This is something we get a lot of calls for. It seems that our electricians are always adding new outlets to homes because there are never enough. In fact, we just installed additional outlets throughout an entire home in Tiverton. The home was old and there were simply not enough outlets for modern living. Today’s lifestyle demands far more electricity, and more outlets than ever before. With technological advances happening all the time, it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon.

To assess your electrical needs, you’ll want to hire a licensed professional who is familiar with local architecture. They will be able to safely install a new receptacle or two, or determine whether your electrical demands surpass your home’s capabilities. In this case, an electrical service upgrade may be necessary to keep up with your demand. (Read more on electrical service upgrades here.)

Let’s assume you’re cleared for another outlet. Your licensed electrician will first cut the power to that area of the house. They will determine the best location for the outlet, find an opening, run electrical wiring to the circuit breaker, and install the receptacle. All the while, they’ll be looking out for any safety issues that might present a risk to your home and family.

Would you like outlets in more than one room? No problem. Your electrician will help create a roadmap to meet your electrical needs, with safety in mind.

As your electrical requirements continue to grow, so should your home’s ability to support your new electronics. Make sure your house is ready, so you can stay plugged in and good to go.