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Lighting Design Project: Salon Moshiek

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We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with local stylist Kristen Moshiek, owner of Salon Moshiek in Portsmouth, RI. After spending 15 years as a stylist on Newbury Street in Boston, Kristen decided to open her own salon in her Aquidneck Island community. She reached out to us to help with lighting design and installation, and we were glad to help bring her vision to life. Lighting is an integral part of the salon environment. It can make or break the experience, for stylists and clients alike. To create a functional, well-lit space that is also inviting, comfortable, and flattering, we installed flexible, LED track lighting. This solved the need for an adjustable, flexible, and energy-efficient lighting solution. Sleek and modern, it also helped to create the proper aesthetic.

Our team thought through several important considerations before deciding on the best lighting solution. These are some of the key factors that influence hair salon lighting:


A salon is a workspace where stylists cut, color, and create picture-perfect style for their clients. Without a doubt, they need to clearly and comfortable see what they are doing, judge color correctness, and so on. Their workspace can also double as an administrative space where they take appointments, and a retail store in the event that they carry products. Salon lighting must be supportive of these functions, without distracting from them.


There are many professional reasons that stylists require proper lighting to make the most of their salon space, but clients have their own lighting needs and expectations. They want to walk in to a visually-pleasing space, and expect an experience that is relaxed, calm, and focused on their needs. When we considered ambiance, we also considered the look of the lighting itself, from the brightness to the lighting fixtures within the studio. It had to work together seamlessly to meet all of these needs at once.


The ability to direct light where you need it, when you need it, is critical. As the weather changes and you receive more or less natural light, your lighting needs within a space can change dramatically. Being able to re-position, dim, or brighten light fixtures helps solve the lighting changes that happen from season to season, and even throughout a single day, ensuring consistent placement of the light that is required.


The less you have to worry about replacing light bulbs (especially when they’re mounted high on the ceiling), the better. LEDs can use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs, and last up to 25 times longer. In fact, replacing your five most-used bulbs with LEDs could save you around $75 a year. Read more about retrofitting your lighting in our blog post Making the Switch from Florescent Tubes to LED Bulbs.

All things considered, we chose stylish track lighting for its flexibility, look, and feel. It was the right choice in helping create options, avoid shadows, and save space within the salon. We selected a level of light that was warm enough to be inviting, but bright enough to create a functional workspace. And by using long-lasting, energy-saving LED bulbs, Kristen has one less thing to worry about.

We wish the team at Salon Moshiek continued success. Stop by the salon to see how it turned out.