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Lighting an Art Studio

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Melissa Quintal Photography

Lighting an art studio is an exciting yet challenging project of the many we take on. A beautiful space is enhanced by beautiful lighting. A well-placed fixture can establish the tone of the room and create warmth where it may be lacking. Effective lighting design is particularly critical in work spaces.

Where to start in lighting an art studio

We always begin a project by discussing the space with the home or business owner. How will it be used? What’s the style of the room? Which areas should be highlighted? We discuss whether the lighting should be dimmable and where the light switches should be placed in the room. We explored these questions and more in lighting an art studio.

After we have a solid understanding of the owner’s specific needs, we examine the space ourselves, making note of its natural light and the height of the ceilings. We look for opportunities for ambient lighting, identify the need for task lighting, and conceptualize how it will all come together.

Recent project success

We recently implemented a lighting solution for the art studio of a homeowner here in Portsmouth, RI. The art studio is located in a beautiful new barn that was built on her property. When we met with this customer, it became clear there were several important objectives. The first was to make the space more functional. The second was to add character and enhance her studio’s aesthetic appeal. Here we share with you some details from the project, in the owner’s own words.

Setting the overall vibe when lighting an art studio

Q: How would you describe the overall style were you going for in lighting your art studio?
A: We went with barn-style-meets-industrial. I love the vibe in the studio.

Q: What kind of fixtures did you incorporate inside the barn as part of your lighting design, and why?
A: We had lots of windows placed as high as possible on the barn walls to leave large amounts of open wall space for hanging pictures. The windows also allowed natural lighting to flood into the barn during the day. But painting at nighttime required tons of lighting! The walls are wrapped in outdoor lanterns that are being used as sconces. There are eight pendant lights hanging from the ceilings for additional lighting. We also have track lights stealthily placed on beams that blend in color; this lighting is used to spotlight pictures.

Lighting certain rooms

Q: Could you describe your bathroom lighting?
A: We used edgy industrial sconces in the bathroom, and also added a pendant to the bathroom, and two more to the sink area. These are very eclectic and artistic looking.

Q: What kind of exterior lighting did you choose?
A: We opted for traditional gooseneck fixtures for the outside of the barn. They provide a lot of light and also add character to the exterior.

Q: How did lighting play a role in creating your art studio?
A: This is such a special place to me. Finding the best lighting was the most important aspect of this project. Griff Electric did a beautiful job. Lighting is everything! Whether it’s our home, office, or play space, I need the lighting to be soft and ambient but also task-oriented, if needed.

In conclusion, developing a lighting scheme and selecting fixtures is a creative challenge. It takes a bit of experience to implement lighting principles and also anticipate problem areas. Lighting your space may seem like just one of the tasks needed to complete the room, but it’s what pulls the room together and makes it complete.