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Indoor Motion Sensor Lighting

Indoor Motion Sensor Lighting
May 28, 2015 Valerie Griffiths

From a very young age, we come to understand there’s a sense of security that comes with a night light. You may have one or more in your backyard to ward off unwelcome visitors and keep your family safe as they navigate the property when visibility is low.

Your outdoor light might even be installed to kick on automatically when it senses movement at night. Motion sensors are commonly associated with outdoor spaces like yards, pools, and pathways.

But there are so many areas within the home that require proper lighting during nighttime hours, too. Adequate lighting prevents slips and falls, provides comfort, and keeps intruders at bay.

The last thing you want to worry about when awakening in the night is fumbling for the light switch. This makes motion sensor lighting so convenient in the home, when locating a switch is no easy task. Motion sensor strips can be attached to your bed frame or nearby spaces, to detect the moment you get out of bed. Motion-sensor table lamps that are placed on the nightstand will act similarly, and provide even more light.

If you, your children, or an elderly family member makes nighttime trips to the restroom, consider having LED night light outlet covers installed along the way. They will cast a faint light when the lights go out to properly guide the way.

Subtle, well-placed motion sensor lights are also helpful for families with young children. Placed in bedrooms, they allow for nighttime visits from mom and dad without the need to turn on a large overhead light that might disrupt the little ones.

In the kitchen, under-cabinet motion lighting is available to keep you safe as you sneak a midnight snack or drink of water.

Consider adding motion sensor lights in the bedrooms, bathrooms, along hallways, and especially near stairways or other potentially hazardous areas. A little forethought goes a long way in keeping your family safe and comfortable. Motion sensor lighting offers safety and convenience, no matter the time of day.