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Electrical Upgrades to Implement When You’re Remodeling

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Remodeling your home? Congratulations! Chances are you’ve done a lot of planning to make it happen. It’s important to work with a licensed electrician to assess your electrical needs and make sure your renovations will accommodate them properly. Installing central air? Adding a room? You’ll need to keep some things in mind. Read on.

For example, consider the type of room or rooms you are adding. Kitchens, family rooms and offices may require more outlets than other rooms. Ensure that outlet placement suites your needs. Your electrician can install GCFI outlets, designed to stop the electrical flow if there’s any sign of danger. This prevents harm to you and damage to your home.

If you’re making an addition you’ll need to be aware that your home is equipped to handle a certain electrical load. Perhaps you have a 60-amp panel—this used to be the standard for household power. You will have to be sure your electrical system is equipped to handle the changes you’re making in your home. With more space, more rooms, and greater electrical needs, you may need a 100 or even 200-amp panel to keep things running safely.

In this case, you’ll need an electrical service upgrade. This is a change in the electrical connections and distribution panel, which divides the power feed into circuits and holds the circuit breakers, to increase the amount of energy that a residence can safely receive. It will keep things running properly, and prevent you from overloading your electrical system and placing yourself in danger.

You may have additional electrical needs if you’re installing a major new appliance, such as central air. You’ll likely need additional circuits to handle the load. Plan ahead with your electrician so you’re not disappointed when your current electric system isn’t up to par.

Remodeling is also a great opportunity to have an electrician update outdated or faulty electrical wiring. This is much easier to do while your home is in transition. It requires getting behind the walls, so it’s best to get it done when while other work is already being done on the house.

Remodeling your home is an exciting time but it requires significant planning. Work with your electrician to make sure it goes smoothly and safely, so you can enjoy your new space.