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Creating Your Dream Home Entertainment System

By in Residential Electrical Projects

Finished basement in houseIn a fast-paced world, the idea of curling up on the couch at the end of a long day with a good movie is becoming more and more enticing. Whether it’s a big game, a movie you’ve been waiting to see, or a reality show you’d never admit to watching, a good setup is a must for when the time finally comes to relax.

Here are 5 must-haves for the home entertainment system of your dreams.

1. Hidden Wires — It can be hard to focus on the main attraction with stray wires lurking about. Even worse, loose wires can present a safety issue. But your TV, cable box, receivers, DVR and Blu Ray players all have to plug in somehow. A licensed electrician will know how to secure all the wires out of sight.

2. Surround Sound — Audio is key to a quality home entertainment center. There are many speaker options out there today, from wall-mounted to wireless systems. They’re not exactly intuitive to sync with your TV or set up properly, so working with a professional will ensure it’s done correctly.

3. A Media Center — Chances are, you’re not going to invest in a beautiful flat-screen television and lean it against the wall on the floor. Find a media center that meets your needs and matches your style and décor. The options are limitless, from sleek and modern to traditional. Your media center should assimilate into your room easily, without being an eyesore.

4. Comfortable Furniture — Who’s going to want to come over and settle in on a folding chair, or another piece of stray furniture? Your home entertainment system is a complete experience, so you’ve got to consider every aspect of it. Comfort is key. Choose furniture according to your style as well as the amount of people you typically entertain.

5. Suitable Lighting — There’s a reason the movie theater has dimming lights and not glaring fluorescents during the motion picture. It’s all about ambiance and creating an inviting space. The right lighting makes your experience that much more enjoyable, so work with your licensed professional to create the mood you want to set — or one that you can switch up, depending upon the occasion.

When it comes to the look, sound, and overall feel of your home entertainment system, work with a licensed electrician to get you up and running.