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Audio/Video Wiring
Griff Electric will install and maintain your AV wires to power home-entertainment centers or media players. Cable, network, phone and audio/video wiring can be added throughout your home, even in existing houses with sheetrock, stone or brick walls. We install audio, HDMI, VGA, DVI, S-video, RCA’s, coaxial, IR, and more. We’ll ensure that the installation leaves visible the minimum amount of wires to give your home a clean and finished look. After installation, our team will conduct a final cleanup of the job site and answer any question you may have.

Electric Wheelchair Lift Systems
Our team will wire your stair lift, vertical lift, or wheelchair lift in your home. We’ll implement the most convenient and safe mobility system to suit your needs.

Electrical Panel Upgrades
Many homeowners find that their energy consumption has increased in recent years causing their electrical system to become overloaded. Griff Electric will inspect your wiring and distribution system and evaluate your electrical service panel. A panel upgrade will help ensure that your system will meet your energy needs and protect you and your property.

Fire Alarms and Smoke Detector Installation
Our licensed electricians can ensure that your fire alarm system will properly protect your home and meet safety regulations. We install fire alarm systems, LED emergency exit signs, and make code violation corrections.

Home Safety Inspection
We’ll will inspect your home’s entire electrical system to ensure that it’s safe, reliable, and meets code. Our inspection will reveal potential safety issues found in your home’s electrical system. If you’re buying, selling or repairing a home, our inspection service will give you the assurance you need to proceed with confidence.

Home Security System
Our team will plan and implement a customized security system in your home to ensure you are instantly alerted about fire, burglary, or other kind of emergency. Our experience installing hard wired, wireless and hybrid security systems ensures that we have the special expertise required to implement a professional grade security system. After the job is complete, our team will conduct a final cleanup of the job site, demonstrate how to use your new system, and answer any question you may have.

Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Wiring
Griff Electric offers installation and maintenance for furnaces, air conditioning units, boilers, air handlers, heat pumps and other HVAC systems. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can improve performance, reduce utility bills, and prolong the life of your system. We’ll help to make your HVAC system work at peak efficiency.

Knob and Tube/BX Wiring
Our experience with older homes and restoration work ensures that we have the special expertise required to ensure that your home’s knob-and-tube wiring is in good condition. We will check all circuit boxes, switches, receptacles, and light fixtures to confirm that they are either disconnected or in good working order.

LED Wiring and LED Retrofits
Griff Electric will wire and install an LED lighting system for your home, landscaping, commercial, or industrial needs. We’ll help you understand the cost and energy savings the installation could provide as well as any tax incentives you may be eligible for. Our services include consultation, design, installation, integration and LED retrofitting as well as relighting, relamping, and optimizing your existing lighting system. Our team will visit your business for an energy audit and discuss with you your options.

New Construction
Griff Electric will work directly for the homeowner or as a subcontractor for builders to install electrical wiring in new construction. Our Master Electrician can assist with the planning of the new system, acquire any necessary permits, install wiring, outlets, and panels, and inspect to ensure that the new system is safe and meets code.

Radiant Heating
Radiant heating is one of the smartest luxuries that you can add to your home. Griff Electric will advise you on which system would best suit your needs and lifestyle. We offer installation and maintenance for electrical baseboards, wall heaters, radiant floor heating systems, radiant barriers, and radiant panel heating units. We can also recommend energy efficient radiant heating systems, which will save you money and add resale value to your home.

Surround Sound System Wiring Installation
Our team will ensure that your surround sound system is installed properly and neatly with all wiring hidden in-wall. We’ll design the electrical wiring system to be discrete and complement your home’s décor.

TV, Cable Wiring , and Home Theater System Installation
Griff Electric has the expertise to not only ensure you get the most out of your investment in television and home theater equipment, but that the installation work is done quickly and correctly. We provide installation and repair services for antennas, home theater systems, satellite dishes, electronic drape, shade or blind openers, surround sound systems, cabling for computers, TV, power distribution, and flat panel screens. You can be assured that we are neat, respectful of your home and arrive promptly as promised. Let us help you get the most out of your viewing experience.

Griff Electric will find a solution to any electrical issues your home or business may be experiencing. We will identify the problem, provide you with a quote, and fix it quickly and safely including tripping circuit breakers, wiring issues, flickering lights, light fixture issues, and faulty switches.

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    “Griff’s team did our electrical work after we had a fire, and they’ve been fantastic: dedicated and professional. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!”

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