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Griff Electric will take care of all of your appliance wiring needs. From boiler systems to sump pumps, we’ll handle everything from installation to clean-up and ensure the job is done to your satisfaction.

Boiler Systems and Water Heater Wiring
Griff Electric installs gas water heaters, electric water heaters and liquid propane water heaters and ensures all meet code. Should your water heater require repair, we will diagnose your problem and recommend any needed repairs.

Generator Installation
Griff Electric will wire and install a back-up power system for your home to ensure your electrical needs are covered around the clock. We’ll assess the installation site and inspect the electrical service panel and circuits to ensure your generator is installed safely and effectively. We’ll gladly obtain any necessary permits the project may require. Griff Electric is a certified Generac dealer and can conduct installations and maintenance for your Generac electrical generator.

Septic System Wiring
In certain cases a septic systems system will require an electric pump to move waste water from the tank to the drain field lines. We’ll assess your septic needs and install the proper system.

Sump Pump Wiring
Griff Electric will help you select and install a sump pump in your home. We can also provide service and regular maintenance to ensure your basement stays dry. If you have an existing sump pump, our team will verify that it’s been properly installed and backed up. If your pump is wired into your home’s electrical system, we will install a power backup to ensure it never fails.

Appliance Wiring & Installation: Refrigerators, Garbage Disposals and More
Our appliance wiring service includes wiring, set up and clean up. Griff Electric can wire all major appliances including refrigerators, garbage disposals, water heaters, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and ovens.

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    “They were hard working, clean and extremely curteous. The estimate was “right on”, the work was perfect and they took care of everything.”

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