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Making the Switch from Florescent Tubes to LED Bulbs

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Photo: North American Energy Advisory

Have your heard the buzz around LED bulbs? Well, they made saving money and energy as simple as changing a light bulb. A lighting retrofit, which is a fancier way of saying relighting, means updating your old lighting fixtures or bulbs. This is a small, affordable update that can make a positive impact on your home or business.

We recently completed a retrofitting project for the Dwyer Insurance office, replacing their T12 florescent tubes with T8 LED bulbs.

Here are 10 reasons why they’ll benefit from retrofitting with LED bulbs.

1. Energy efficiency. Replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs offers incredible savings on your energy bill. Prepare to save up to 90%.

2. Softer lighting. Fluorescent lights get a bad rap because they product light that can be harsh and glaring. LED bulbs produce better quality light, more similar to daylight brightness. It’s easier on the eyes.

3. They’re cooler. LED bulbs don’t get as hot as their fluorescent counterparts. They’re safer to the touch, and won’t generate as much heat.

4. It’s good for the environment. Energy efficiency makes you a responsible consumer, and that’s something you can feel good about!

5. Bang for your buck. To say that LED bulbs are long-lasting is an understatement. Some can shine for up to 10 years! Imagine changing a light bulb only once a decade?

6. LEDs are high quality. They usually come with a warrantee and they very rarely fail.

7. LEDs are built tough. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can hold their own against the worst New England weather, cold, and heat. Retrofitting is possible no matter where your bulbs are located.

8. LEDs are generally considered safer. They don’t contain mercury or other potentially harmful gasses.

9. The cost of materials is generally low. While LEDs are more expensive than fluorescent bulbs up front, the tremendous savings in the long run makes it worth it.

10. It’s a straightforward job, so the cost of labor is low. Your electrician shouldn’t be charging you an arm and a leg to install your LEDs.

Now that we’ve answered the question of why you should retrofit your lighting, the only question that remains is: why not? Call your licensed electrician for this quick and easy job and start saving.