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Kitchen Lighting Design Tips

Kitchen Lighting Design Tips
April 20, 2013 Valerie Griffiths

The kitchen is quite often the hub of the home – a gathering place where culinary magic is made while friends and family congregate. We think of kitchens as bright and cheery, but that’s not always so. Cabinets cast shadows, as do the cooks and guests moving about. Single overheard light fixtures may leave us in the dark, and an overall lack of light presents significant safety risk. Lighting is essential to kitchen design, and easy to introduce, thanks to these quick tips:

  • Kitchen lighting design tipsAdd or upgrade recessed lighting. It is well suited for the kitchen, where it provides diffused light for optimal visibility. Subtle and flexible, it can highlight specific areas or focal points in the kitchen. Recessed lighting also blends in with any decor. It’s versatile, available in many sizes and shapes to harmonize with existing design without distracting from it. It offers direct light where it’s needed most, on countertops and cabinets.
  • Consider display lighting. Appealing accent lighting is an elegant option to showcase the china in your hutch, beautiful glass front cabinets, framed artwork and additional details you wish to emphasize. Why not highlight them, and add warmth and depth to your kitchen at the same time?
  • Brighten up dim spaces under cabinets, and above the stove and sink. This greatly improves functionality and aesthetics. Lighting makes the kitchen more inviting, and easier to maneuver around. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates countertops, otherwise blocked by cabinets in an area of the kitchen where you typically need the most light. Lighting above the sink and stove livens up darker areas, making them much safer for cooking and cleaning.

The addition of layered lighting creates the ideal atmosphere. Create a lighting plan for your kitchen to start enjoying the space even more!