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Griff Electric will plan and install fixtures for your commercial exterior lighting needs.

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring
We install pool pumps and pool light niches for use in concrete and vinyl/fiberglass pools. We’ll confirm that your current electrical service can safely supply the necessary power, install and configure all wire, conduit and hardware, install an appropriately sized breaker and disconnect (GFCI protected), and verify that your pool or hot tub wiring is safely grounded.

Down Lights and Floodlight Installation
When placed above an object or area and aimed downward these lights provide security to your outdoor space, such as at back entrance. We take care to hide these light fixtures from view to create a true natural lighting effect. Our experienced electricians can recommend ideal placement and consult you on design.

Backlights or Accent Light Installation
Backlights and accent lights enhance the design and look of your landscaping. Lights placed behind objects or plants cast a silhouette on a wall for a striking effect. Griff Electric will design and install a lighting scheme that will highlight the best features of your outdoor space. As with down lights, we take care to hide these fixtures from view to create a natural lighting effect.

Patio Lighting Installation
Patio lighting accentuates the best parts of your outdoor space and also increases safety by eliminating dark spaces. There is a variety of choices for patio lighting. We can help you plan and install your deck lighting, step lighting, tree lighting, fountain lighting, and more to give your outdoor space an effective and beautiful lighting scheme.

Parking Lot Lighting Installation
A well-lit parking light provides security, decreases the chances of vandalism, and attracts the passive customer. Lights can be installed on existing utility poles or on specially placed poles based on the necessary level of lighting. We can reduce your business’s energy usage by installing energy-efficient LED lighting retrofits. In addition to a reduction in electricity costs, your business will benefit from cleaner lighting and reduced maintenance needs. We’ll visit your property to design a lighting plan tailored to your requirements and complete the installation quickly and correctly.

Pathway Lighting Installation
Placed along the sides of a walkway, path or driveway, path lights serve as a useful security feature and provide a clearly lit walking path for you and your customers. Path lights are also effective in your backyard and provide warm, soft light without glare. In addition to installation, Griff Electric can help you determine where to place path lights and how many is right for your space.

Up Lights, Accent Lights, and Spot Light Installation
Up lights are placed on the ground and pointed upward toward a tree, fountain, or other object that is a focal point in your outdoor space. The ambient light they create can also illuminate patios and walkways. These lights not only highlight your property from the outside, they also extend your interior space at night.

Lighting Design Consultation
We’ll help from start to finish with custom design recommendations, product selection, order management and installation.

Retrofit Lighting Installation
Griff Electric can reduce your business’s energy usage by installing energy-efficient lighting retrofits for commercial buildings, parking lots, warehouses, and industrial facilities. In addition to a reduction in electricity costs, your business may benefit from an improved facility appearance, increased worker safety, reduced crime and reduced heat output from lower air conditioning costs. Retrofit offers a better value than new fixtures because of the reduced initial cost. Our team will visit your business for an energy audit and discuss with you your options. We’ll follow-up with the installation and provide maintenance.

Sign Lighting
Your signage is one of the best ways to promote your business. Our team will help you effectively light your office building or storefront for advertising, security and aesthetic purposes. We have experience installing neon signs, illuminated channel letters, spotlights, cabinet signs and more.

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